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China International Precision Agriculture and High-efficiency Utilization Summitinitiated by QZ Events, supported by Agriculture information institute of CAAS,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences(CAAMS), China Agriculture University, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, and Heilongjiang ProvinceAgricultural Reclamation Bureau has been successfully held two years, which attracted many representatives from research institutions and scientific research colleges and universities at home and abroad. PAS SUMMIT provides a good communication platform for precision agriculture and it praised highly by the previous delegates. 


As a very important platform for information exchanges between domestic and overseas, in order to keep up with the direction and trend of industry development, with the aim to promote the development of precision agriculture more efficiency and strengthen the international communication and cooperation, the 3rd China International Precision Agriculture and High-efficiency Utilization Summit (PAS2016) will hold on Sept. 22 - 23 at Shanghai. The theme of the summit is' Combined with National Conditions, Developing Chinese Characteristics Road of Precision Agriculture '. By then, the experts and industrial leaders in Precision Agriculture will promote the application of precision agriculture in China and strengthen the international communication and cooperation through various activities such as Keynote Speeches, Technical Sharing, Panel Discussions, Q & A, New Products Matchmaking Meeting, Cocktail Party and Product Showcasing. Your active participation will be appreciated.


Exhibition Product: Agricultural Machinery Automatic Navigation System, Smart Irrigation Control System, Precision Irrigation, Sprinkling Irrigation Machinery, Micro-irrigation system, Automatic Information Monitoring System, Automatic Meteorological Monitoring System, Intelligent Digital Sensors, Agricultural Information Collection System, Optical Instruments, Hyper-Spectral Series Products, Imaging Spectrometer, Ground And Airborne Spectrometer, High Resolution Satellite Products, High-Precision GNSS Motherboard and Receiver, Laser-Controlled Land Leveling System, Agricultural Aviation Equipment, Nozzle, Spray Accessories, Automatic Spraying System, GPS Navigation and Other Products, Beidou Agricultural Navigation and Location Service, Beidou Mobile Terminal Services for Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers, Agricultural Machinery Management Scheduling.

Interview of PAS 2014  

Xinmin PeiXinjiang Agriculture Machinery Bureau Chief Engineer

The conference is very large, and lots of attendees on site. I think it’s better even than the conference which held by some government departments. If here...

Shane Snijders AGCO(China) Investment Company Limited AGCO China’s Commercial Development Senior Manager

Even China’s precision agriculture development is not so fast, but it is improving every minutes, it has a good development future as we can see. And a...

Ru HeDACOSMO CO.,Limited President

I am not so familiar with agriculture, but through attending PAS summit, I get to know the products’ market needs, and the professionals’ reports are very...

Who will attend 

The 3rd China International Precision Agriculture and High-efficiency Utilization Summit (PAS 2016 ) will be held in Shanghai On Sept. 22 - 23,Supported by Agriculture information institute of CAAS, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences(CAAMS), China Agriculture University, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University and Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Reclamation Bureau.


In order to promote the application of PA technology in China, we will invite the relevant agricultural engineering scientists, crop protection scientists, pedologist and representatives from Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, State-owned farm,Association’s leaders and PA enterprise delegates to discuss issues of common interest. We will build an effective communication platform for Government, Enterprises, Education, Research,Institutes.

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